Retired teachers to be recalled

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on Tuesday announced new guidelines for recruiting teachers in the country.

This year’s recruitment will see 11, 474 fresh graduates and retired teachers fill vacancies and replace those who have exited the profession in both primary and secondary public schools.

The race to fill the gap and balance the teacher-to-student ratio in public schools in the country will be taking course in the next two weeks as the teachers’ employer seeks to recruit 5000 graduates.

An additional 6, 474 tutors will also be employed to replace teachers that for various reasons have quit the profession.

But it’s the peculiar challenge of the teacher exodus from the North Eastern counties of Wajir, Mandera and Garissa witnessed in the recent years that provides for a new formula in the recruitment process.

And now, to fill, the gap in the region that is considered marginalised, teachers who have retired have been asked to apply for fresh contracts.

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